Welcome to the Pictori online media library. Pictori allows you to share your collection of images with others interested in the study of Korean history and culture. It intends to bring together all the many images currently "hidden" in private collections. Once you have signed up, you can upload your images and add details about them, such as where a photograph was taken and when. You can also appeal to others for more information about a photograph in your collection, or comment on those of others. Images can be automatically watermarked for protection if you so desire, and there is the option to allow others to download the full-size version of an image. Pictori will continue to develop by including video clips and accumulating donations of private collections of media materials, in order to make them available to the public and further academic enquiry. This project is funded by a generous grant from the Academy of Korean Studies. For more information about the use of the site and its objectives, see the About page.