Chŏn Sŏng-hwa, Head of the military academy in North Korea, in his office

my grandfather Chŏn Sŏng-hwa, a head of military academy in North Korea, in his office
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1948 Aug
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North Korea
North Korea
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My grandfather Chŏn Sŏng-hwa was born in Chosŏn in 1902. But later I think he hid this fact and pretended that he was a Russian born in Korea. 

His parents Chŏn Men-bo (born in 1865) and Au Men-hui (born in 1864) were both born in Korea. This is the Russian-Korean pronunciation of their names, but Chŏn is pronounced "Ten" in Russian, so the descendants of my grandfather are called "Ten". Chŏn Men-bo came to Vladivostok in 1914, Au Men-hui came in 1924, looking for her son. Her son, Chŏn Sŏng-hwa — my grandfather — came to Vladivostok with other guerrilla fighters in 1917. The name of his guerrilla group was Hae Bando.

In 1944 Soviet government sent Chŏn Song-hwa to war with Japan, and after that to North Korea, where he was a general and Head of a military academy. In 1947 his wife and children (including my father Chŏn/Ten Vladimir — I do not know his Korean name, but no doubt he had one in Korea) joined him. In 1950 Chŏn Sŏng-hwa escaped back to Russia with his family. Although he died shortly afterwards, the circumstances of his death are unclear.

I really hope I could find more information on my grandfather, including the Hanja spelling of our name.

His biography is NOT at, among other biographies of Soviet Koreans.