Revolving Sutra Case



Only example of revolving sutra case (yunjangdae 輪藏臺) in Korea (one of a pair). By turning this octagonal wooden sutra receptacle, one could accrue merit. It is not clear when it was made, but likely predates the 1670 refurbishment of the Tripitaka hall (Taejangjon 大藏殿) in which it is placed. Designated Treasure no. 684. It is located in Yongmun-sa (Yech'on).
Sem Vermeersch
Date original created: 
1998 Aug 6th
Digital image source type: 
Digitised from a negative on film


Yongmun-sa Yecheon, 47
South Korea
36° 43' 52.4748" N, 128° 22' 10.6896" E