Japanese-style colonial building, Nampo-dong, Busan

Japanese-style colonial era building in present day Nampo-dong dried fish market, a block or two from Jagalchi Fish Market. It features a kind of art deco window and probably dates between 1920-1945. The structure to its left is also from the colonial period. Present day Nampo-dong was part of the original Japanese concession in Busan. I've photographed and written about the area's history here: https://colonialkorea.wordpress.com/2015/04/26/busan-part1/ Its GPS coordinates are 35.097121, 129.033968. Its address in Korean is 부산광역시 중구 용미길10번길 9.
Nate Kornegay
Date original created: 
2014 Aug 27th
Digital image source type: 
Original digital capture of a real life scene


9 Yongmi-gil 10beon-gil
South Korea